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Two questions both for customizing the platform.

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Two questions both for customizing the platform.

I know that there are going to be a few of you that may be frustrated with my following questions, but I ask that you please be patient with me. Smack me upside the head if need be, but patiently lol.

Question one: Is there any simple way of changing/adding menu icons and target locations. I have combed through the forums to find info regarding the option or method of changing the icons/shortcuts on the right side of the platform, but all I find are 3yr 5yr old posts that say the option is not available "yet". After all this time, I would think the feature would have been implemented, and that Im missing something. I know that there are methods like "Folderz miniApp" to add shortcuts on the left, but I'd rather have my most frequently used apps/folders listed on the right. Also, in regards to the "folderz miniapp" and other such methods, How do I specify a shortcuts "category" or better yet, create a custom one?

Name=Folderz MiniApp

Question two: This is a two part question. How do I view and edit the Platform source code? And what exactly am I wanting to edit when it comes to the menu? Is it the "Platform" source code or the "Menu" source code?
I have seen posts on the forum saying one can view/edit using NIS or NSIS, but on other posts and even Source Forge it says Python, C++, Delphi/Kylix was used to develop it.
Im by no means a programer... though I really hope to create an app or two in the very near future. Usually Im able to understand something by examining it's structure, studying its elements, and seeing how the elements interact, and finally modifying it or creating something similar from scratch. So I figure the first step for me is opening the source code.

As always, I deeply appreciate any help. And I do apologize for any trouble.