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Portable ScummVM

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Portable ScummVM

This is just a quickie thing I put together.

Since software licensing gives me a headache, this is unfortunately NOT an "unzip-and-go" thing. I have put together a simple directory structure a la Haller and I have included a vital scummvm.ini and launcher BAT that makes ScummVM nice and portable. I'll leave the fancy NSIS launchers to John. Smile

Basically YOU get to put it together. Blum Here's what you have to do, a more detailed step-by-step readme is in the archive:

- Download and extract ScummVM.
- Download and extract BASS and FOTAQ, two freeware ScummVM games (optional).
- Use UPX to compress ScummVM (optional... you need to be comfortable with command prompts, or already have and use a UPX GUI tool).

My tweaked INI and simple launcher BAT takes care of the rest.

Total Size: 1.65mb wo/games. 32.1mb w/games.

There's probably already been stuff like this posted here, but hopefully my neat and tidy directory structure that fits in with John's PortableApps should give me an edge? Maybe? Smile