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CDex 1.75 storing settings outside PA

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CDex 1.75 storing settings outside PA

I've had CDexPortable for ages, and recently upgraded - first to 1.72, and just now to 1.75. I noticed that my freedb email address had vanished, and when I looked, so had all my other settings such as target folders, etc.

I can see my old settings in this .ini file:


but when I launch CDexPortable, this file is created:


with the default settings (e.g. target folder C:\Users\... NOT X:\Documents\Music as per the note on the CDexPortable download page). I can see this file:


but it doesn't appear to be being picked up when CDexPortable is launched, and I guess the main CDex app is then automatically generating it's default ini file.

Is there some way to persuade this version to use my old settings, or at least store it's settings in the PA folder?