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True X-mouse behaviour in Windows

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True X-mouse behaviour in Windows

Hi all,

I'm really in need for a PortableApp that allows the windows mouse to behave like under Xorg, particularly to get a simple way to copy/paste text, instead of the cumbersome C-c C-v.

I've used this one TX Mouse for sometime, but it's not opensource and updated...

I've just found another tool! XMBC, which is a lot more powerful and has a portable version. Unfortunately, I can't find any info about its licence...

I've also found AutoClipX but it's not free:

Is anyone aware of such a tool that would 1) work 2) be still supported 3) be free&opensource, so that it can be included in PortableApps?

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This is from the License file

X-Mouse Button Control is FREE for anyone or any business to install and use.
If you have paid for this software, please request a refund from the person or organisation that you paid!

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