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U3 edition of Firefox 2.0

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U3 edition of Firefox 2.0

I went to to update my firefox and they still had I then contacted them and they replied back with the following...

Discussion Thread
Response (Kevin Watts) - 12/09/2006 02:16 PM

You need to contact Portable Apps about updating their U3 version of Firefox (

You can reinstall free programs from U3 Software Central or from the manufacturer, if they have any. Launchpad, Add Programs.

So here I am contacting Portable Apps to request an update for it.

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Search First

As always, search first. This has been asked and answered many times. It'll be done when it's done.

You're welcome to use the open Firefox Portable 2.0 in the meantime which works on any drive you want.

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Thank you

I've been using the PortableApps suite on my ipod for a while and just made the jump to a U3 drive (faster, harder to damage). I just want to say thank you for doing all of the work to put together these apps like ya do. Happy New Year!

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