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PortableApps Installer failing to open file

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Ken Herbert
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PortableApps Installer failing to open file

I'm currently working on portable version of Koala (see this thread), and have run into an issue with the Installer where it is failing on one file, and I'm just trying to figure out why.

The error:

File: Descending to: "..\..\App\Koala\node_modules\less\node_modules\request\node_modules\form-data\node_modules\combined-stream\node_modules\delayed-stream\test\integration\"
File: failed opening file "..\..\App\Koala\node_modules\less\node_modules\request\node_modules\form-data\node_modules\combined-stream\node_modules\delayed-stream\test\integration\test-delayed-http-upload.js"

The full path of the file (if it matters) is:

D:\Dropbox\PortableApps Development\Unreleased OSWare\KoalaPortable\App\Koala\node_modules\less\node_modules\request\node_modules\form-data\node_modules\combined-stream\node_modules\delayed-stream\test\integration\test-delayed-http-upload.js


The file itself is just a plain ANSI Javascript file so no funky character encoding. The two files in the directory above it (also plain ANSI Javascript files) processed successfully, so I'm wondering if it maybe is an issue of the extreme path length?

If it is a problem of path length, then this is going to be something to watch out for in other node-webkit apps that have dependencies that have dependencies (that have dependencies....)

John T. Haller
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Path Too Long

The path is likely too long for Windows to handle.

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