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Chrome Extensions Disappearing!

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Crazy Horse
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Chrome Extensions Disappearing!

Hello, all...

My Chrome version is 40.0.2214.93.

Some of my extensions (not all of them) are not working. Specifically, jigsaw-puzzle-piece-looking icons appear in place of the actual extensions' icons. Here's two screenshots of this icon change:

Needless to say, the extensions don't function, either, even though they remain listed on the Extensions page.

Does anyone have an answer for this, by any chance?

Thank you!

PS: I had this problem once before, but I don't know if anything I did fixed it, or if it just resolved itself somehow. (The problem occurred a few months or so ago.)

John T. Haller
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By Design

See the Google Chrome Portable homepage for the huge list of issues Chrome now has:

Most extensions will barely function unless you are logged in to Google within Google Chrome Portable and will take time to sync down to each PC/location you run from.

Sometimes, the impossible can become possible, if you're awesome!

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