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SIW Portable has been retired

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John T. Haller
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SIW Portable has been retired

Just a heads up that SIW Portable has been retired from the App Store and won't be available in the platform's app store or updater. The publisher decided to cease making freeware personal versions available. The version we have from 2011 will still be available for direct download from our site for the time being but will not function on Windows 8, 8.1 or 10. It is no longer supported by the publisher or by

Paid versions are available from the publisher for those who are interested. Alternatives are available in Format within the Utilities section of the app store.

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Thanks John, I was wondering

Thanks John, I was wondering why I couldn't run it!

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Thanks for keeping us abreast, John.

It's too bad, but then Gabriele has to make a living.

There was a more recent one available as a Giveaway of the Day offering, but it looks like that had a one year time period for which the offered version would run. Again, people do have to make a living, so it's not unreasonable that many of the GOTD offerings have some sort of expiration date. Occasionally, some GOTD programs are repeated, but this hasn't been the case with SIW.

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