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Marcus Welby
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It would be nice if....
--The portable apps sweet ACTUALLY hijacked the host pc so as to assume a temporary identity as a portable pc app launcher.

--that while hovering over the checklist of apps that your trying to decide on downloading would show a window with all the pertain ate details and compatibility's this program itself has.

--I seen apps that had app installers and uninstallers in it. Would it not be prudent to include this into the program?

-- I also think that the forum and login once established should be able to auto launch if you want from a usb with the program so as to gain access

--All in all I like the program its just that I think it needs to act more like a operating system that temporarily takes over the host pc and changes its look and feel to be more like the one you set up for yourself.

-- It would be nice also that if you had this software on a home pc as well that upon docking your portable version that it would update and clone the info updates changes to data so that they are further seamlessly integrated.