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Portable VirtualBox - Need to open again for paths, then exit

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Portable VirtualBox - Need to open again for paths, then exit

Hi everyone,

There's some sort of problem where portable virtualbox always has a message box that pops up upon start up that says: "Please start VirtualBox again, so that all paths can be adapted!" and then shows the "Exit Portable VirtualBox" box. When I run it again, the same thing happens. It requests admin permission to run and I say yes, and it never shows another message. Can anyone help me? I'm in windows 7, 64 bit, and I'm running portable virtualbox 32 bit. If that's the problem, then please say as well.


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Where did you get Portable VirtualBox from?

Where did you get Portable VirtualBox from?

I can't recall it being released here.

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Definitely not official. I

Definitely not official. I don't even think there has ever been a dev test of VirtualBox here, although I may be wrong since I couldn't be bothered looking through all 13 pages of search results.

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Portable VirtualBox

Portable VirtualBox was an unofficial Portable Wrapper for VirtualBox, created by Micha. An improved version is currently being offered by Tibo, the author of the LiLi USB Creator. [...] By using Micha/Tibo's portable wrapper, VirtualBox can be stored and run entirely from an USB device.

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