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Portable Podcatcher

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Portable Podcatcher

Hi all,
My request is a bit complex, I'm looking for a no-install Podcatcher, that can be run from my network drive but save to my mp3 player or run and save to the mp3 player. The only software I found like this is the podcatcher-on-a-stick: which I didn't like.
Thank you

jkbeeline (not verified)
I totally agree

Podcatcher on a Stick stinks. What I would really like to have is the app called Juice modified to save settings and podcasts to a portable drive. The program runs on a portable drive but settings and feeds are not retained.

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Command line

First, here's a link to Wikipedia: Lost of Podcatchers

BashPodder is a good command line podcatcher for Linux, simply running in the shell - which makes it work instantly and easily on Cygwin. Since wget is available on windows, all you need is a tool to analyze a feed correctly and download the enclosures.

Is anyone able to convert into something that runs on windows?

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Got bored and made this

I got bored and looked into gnu utilities a bit more. It turns out that bash is available for windows. So basically all I had to do was gather a load of unix utilities into one spot, and edit the shell script to point to those.

So I've now got a 782Kb portable command line podcatcher if you're interested.

On that note - whats the best way to organise these gnu utils on my USB drive in order to make them usable by a number of apps?

John T. Haller
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Directory Structure

I've been trying to work on a more formalized directory structure for use portably. The first step of that is evident in the suite. Incorporating GNU utilities would make sense in that structure. As the current apps are in PortableApps\Apps\AppName... perhaps PortableApps\Apps\GNU\UtilName would make sense... no?

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That makes sense. I'm not all that familiar with the gnu utilities / bash. My main concern is simply referencing those utilities from a bash script.

For example, in my converted [] I've got "bin/util.exe" all over the place, replacing the existing "util" on it's own. I certainly wouldn't want to fill my script with long path names.

I assume there's an easy workaround for this that I don't know about.

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Would you be so kind to

Thox, would you be so kind to email me your podcatcher dir so I can use it?. I've tried downloading it and bash for windows but couldn't make it work.
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