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My Thunderbird 31.5.0 stopped working with my main hotmail account

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My Thunderbird 31.5.0 stopped working with my main hotmail account

I use both pop3 and imap.

Now none of this works.

I changed the cached connections from 5 to 1 and it do not works yet.

See here the error msg:

What to do so it works again?

Rodrigo Cesar Banhara

Gord Caswell
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Base app problem

I googled that error, and it appears to be a common problem with multiple possible solutions.

It isn't a problem specific to the Portable Edition.

See here for my search results:

John T. Haller
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IMAP Connections

Thunderbird is trying to make more connections to your IMAP server than it supports. You can either set the IMAP connections down in Thunderbird:

Hamburger menu - Options - Accounts
Select the account's Server Settings section
Click the Advanced button
Set "Maximum number of server connections to cache" lower than it currently is

Or you set your IMAP server to support more connections. Thunderbird defaults to 5 but some IMAP servers only support 2 or 3.

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