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onscreen keyboard brings up vista default keyboard by micosoft

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onscreen keyboard brings up vista default keyboard by micosoft

i installed onscreen keyboard in computer .but when i click it the default microsoft onscreen keyboard version2 made by madentec it seems for microsoft in help about .....comes up which is aesthetically very bad looking than the portable app.....

using windows vista home premium....
accessebilty features are enabled

any idea how to use portable onscreen keyboard instead of default one?

John T. Haller
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Supposed To

It's supposed to bring up the Windows keyboard but with your settings made portable. On Vista, the Help About should say "Microsoft On-Screen Keyboard Version 2.0". There is a secondary included keyboard for if it is missing or damaged that is more limited with a worse UI. The keyboard in the screenshot on our website is the Windows 7 default keyboard.

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