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tvt_banner.dll - Error Message from GIMP on IBM/Lenovo Thinkpad

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tvt_banner.dll - Error Message from GIMP on IBM/Lenovo Thinkpad

Hello everyone.

I thought I'd share a quick fix I figured out, as it doesn't look like anyone else has come across this issue yet. I've been digging around for the last hour trying to figure out how to stop GIMP (running on a thumbdrive) from popping up multiple errors regarding a missing file:

  • tvt_banner.dll
  • Something about the component failing to initialize, I apologize for not copying it down exactly. The errors would pop up whenever I tried to edit any text in a dialog box ("New File" for example).

    The file is specific to IBM/Lenovo (I'm on a T42 Thinkpad at work). Searching around, I found this link:

  • Looks like it's part of their (Lenovo's) security suite. Anyway, I found tvt_banner.dll in C:\Program Files\Common Files\Lenovo and copied it to C:\Windows. Now GIMP is working fine!

    Thanks to everybody for creating PortableApps, I'm living off my thumbdrive now!