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Slow loading PortableApps Platform

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Slow loading PortableApps Platform

Forsome reason, the PortableApps Platform loads extremley slowly I do have quite a bit of application; I guess I could weed out the ones I don't use, but I was wondering if their was anyother way to speedup the loading process.

I have it load at the startup of the computer 'Win 7 Ultimate 64X'.

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Do you have some apps set to

Do you have some apps set to start automatically? The platform itself should be very quick.


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Mine also starts quite slowly

Mine also starts quite slowly. But I'm running off a flash drive.
I was wondering if they could make a catalog file of the apps installed so that it only has to scan for new apps. Or make an option to turn off scanning on startup. Then you could just refresh app icons to find the newly installed ones. Just an idea.

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you choose option and advanced then you can select to not have the platform check for updates on startup.

TO get the update, you would click Apps then check for updates.

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The problem seems to be refreshing, not updating.

The platform refreshes it's database of installed apps, witch for me can add up to 30 seconds to opening the platform every time, depending on the speed of the usb port...

Can a feature be implemented to keep a database of known installed apps, and only refresh manually?
Or maybe load the last list initially and refresh silently in the background, then update changes to the list, thereby making the list available immediately upon startup, but still keeping it up-to-date?
At the least, maybe an advanced option to turn off this auto-refresh at startup?

Maybe this should get it's own thread... Please let me know whet you think.

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This seems like a great idea,

This seems like a great idea, but it was made 4 YEARS AGO!

Is there something wrong with the idea? Is it impossible to implement?

Waiting 30 seconds to see your list of apps is a lifetime these days.
Just show us that list that the app expects to be there, and update in the background.
What's the worse that could happen?
Someone tries to open an app that is no longer there? They wouldn't be surprised, because they will have removed it.
Or, maybe a new app doesn't show up? Well, it'll be there in 30 seconds or so, after the background refresh.

Don't make EVERYONE wait 30 seconds, for the app to check the installations, just so that the list in 100% perfect every time.

Give us a fast opening and a background update .. Please! Smile


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