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wxHexEditor is an open source hex editor for HUGE files. It edit files with size: Multi Giga < Tera < Peta < Exabytes.
In short:
- author: Erdem U. Altinyurt
- author home page:
- web site:
- Sourceforge download page:
- Direct download not portable:
- release version: 0.23 Beta
- size download archive: MB 2,3
- license: GPL
- localization: Multilanguage (all european languages + simplified chinese and japanese)
- developed for Windows, Linux x86 and x64, Mac OS X)
- test (with Regshot-2 v2.0.1.70): write to Registry the entry "HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\wxHexEditor"

Features (from web site):
• It uses 64 bit file descriptors (supports files or devices up to 2^64 bytes , means some exabytes but tested only 1 PetaByte file (yet). ).
• It does NOT copy whole file to your RAM. That make it FAST and can open files (which sizes are Multi Giga < Tera < Peta < Exabytes)
• You can work with delete/insert bytes to file, more than once, without creating temp file!.
• Could open your devices on Linux, Windows or MacOSX.
• Memory Usage : Currently ~25 MegaBytes while opened multiple > ~8GB files.
• Could operate with file thru XOR encryption.
-> for all details see to web site