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Chromium Iron Flash Installer (portable)

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Chromium Iron Flash Installer (portable)

Iron sure is a good browser. Yes, I use Firefox, but I get tired of its hiccups. For some purposes Chromium is superior, likely because google tries to make life hard for firefox, and Iron is the superior form of Chromium. However, installing flash is a problem and there is not a good solution. It seems like you can just duplicate the file structure manually from an installed version of Iron with Flash, but that gets old.

I'm just learning to program myself, so I have an idea of what to do about it, but not the expertise to do so. I would like to make a little installer program that puts all the relevant files in their proper place in the portableapps Chromium Iron folder. You could run this program whenever your browser tells you it is time to upgrade your flash. Likely it would mean having a computer with windows and an installed version of Iron or Chromium. Then you would need to update your flash version for that installed browser. Finally run the installer for the portable Iron flash. It does the copying for you from the installed version to the portable version.

This would certainly alleviate much of the headache associated with flash and portable browsers.

Is this doable?