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Alcohol Portable (Portable Virtual Drive)

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Alcohol Portable (Portable Virtual Drive)

Would like to introduce a new portable app from Alcohol Soft.
Dont worry about the download it is 100% clean with zero additional software or ads.
Any ideas on how to improve it would be welcomed.

Alcohol Portable is a Virtual drive software that requires NO installation to your system and can be completely added and removed with a click of the button.
As Alcohol Portable is not installed, but runs as a service on your system, it leaves no footprint and can even be installed directly from a USB drive or SD Card.

With no 3rd party software, or ad-ons it is 100% clean, and even works with Windows 10.

To completely remove Alcohol Portable you simply select "Exit and Remove Device Driver and Service" and its completely gone from your system, no registry files added or any unwanted services.
Delte the folder and its gone.

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Completely Safe Site?

I trust my security, and this was just to download

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John T. Haller
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PA.c Format

Is your app free and in Format? That's the only format permitted for self-promotional postings on this site:

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Sorry John, did not realise,

Sorry John, did not realise, we will look at making it compatible with the PortableApps format.
As for the viper post above there are other software on that site that have ads etc which may have been flagged but certainly not malicious but we will look into why that is flagged there.

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