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U3 Apps - What happens if allowed to automatically update?

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Neale Hind
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U3 Apps - What happens if allowed to automatically update?

I have all the U3 apps from this site installed to my SanDisk Cruzer. If I leave "Automatically check for updates" on, the apps come up with available updates.

I switch off the automatic update checks as I presume they will not be U3 versions.

I did wonder though if (say) allowing U3 FF to update to would still result in a U3 app - or would it become a normal Portable App?

What experiences have others had of this?

John T. Haller
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Updates work

Just, as indicated on the project pages, you need to be sure to have at least 40mb free since they won't check on free space as they update (a shortcoming of the updaters). It'll be slow... maybe 5 minutes... during which you won't be able to use other USB drive apps.

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