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[Duplicate-Locked] TBP Still slow

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[Duplicate-Locked] TBP Still slow

[MODERATORS NOTE - This topic is a duplicate by the same author. The discussion should be carried on in the original topic. Posting duplicate topics or bumping your own is not permitted.]

I've posted on this before and John H was helpful in providing some ideas. My TBP still seems very slow opening emails. I'm wondering if it is just my hardware. Here's some info:

AMD Athlon XP 2000+
1GB Memory
Windows XP SP2
Profiles folder is about 600MB

I usually have Firefox open with TBP.

With them both open, my CPU usage is 5% or so. When browsing with Firefox, it may go to 30-50% and have 100% peaks, but you can still move around.

But, when I go to open an unread email message, it takes about 13-15 seconds for it to open, and CPU goes to 100% and nothing else can be done.

John had me delete all *.msf files thinking they may be corrputed. I did that, still the same. I re-installed TBP and still the same.

If I take this flash drive to my office P4 processor 1.67 Ghz, it does not have the same problem at all.

Is this taxing the AMD processor too much? Or is there some weakening/failing hardware? All other programs seem to respond adequately.

Much thanks for help to date.