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FFP/FX Anti- Phish Protection Workaround

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FFP/FX Anti- Phish Protection Workaround

Here's a weird one for you...

I've been having all sorts of problems, for the last week, with my thumb drive.

FFP crashed, and I had to reinstall it. My Miranda-IM db kept getting corrupt, and had to be repaired. Winamp was overflowing its' cache. Yada, yada, yada.

While trying to figure this out, I ran 'netstat' and discovered FFP was constantly 'phoning home' to Google. It looked like a classic worm signature, to me. After investigating this more, I discovered Mozilla and Google are working together to provide Fx2 with this anti-phish protection.

I tried running a local db, and the Goggle one -- didn't make any difference -- FFP was still constantly communicating with Google and crashing the proggies mentioned above.

Now get this...

While I was checking this all out, I discovered a addon called PhishTank SiteChecker. LoL! Worked better than the built-in Fx anti-phish protection, so I disabled the built-in feature and started using PhishTank exclusively.

Well, surprise, surprise! All my thumb drive problems INSTANTLY went away, and FFP seems twice as fast now! No kidding!

Anyway, YOU might want to give this a whirl too... Biggrin