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Restore Issue: "The backup archive must be specified"

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Restore Issue: "The backup archive must be specified"

Hi there,
I lost my laptop and was glad that I had a pretty recent Toucan backup - until I wanted to restore the ZIP file: after selecting the archive zip file and the destination, I only get the error message "The backup archive must be specified". Any idea what I do wrong?
Thanks a lot,

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Toucan helper, please

How recent? Do you have a backup of your Toucan install under PA?

If I'm reading right you're trying to unzip a file and you know the password. However Toucan was always a bit of a mystery to me so it may be it is telling you it knows a backup was made and where it is, but is *also* just telling you that it is on the laaptop you lost.


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It's hard to say just based

It's hard to say just based on this, can you post the screenshot? If that's still actual, that is.

in general, you could have just used the 7-zip or other archiver to unpack the backup file, there's nothing special in the format.

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