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Fantastic portable mouse gesture program, StrokeIt

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Fantastic portable mouse gesture program, StrokeIt

Hey everyone,

Just thought that I'd share with the people that didn't already know about a fantastic portable app, StrokeIt Portable. StrokeIt is free for personal use and is a highly customisable mouse gesture program with a very small footprint. One of the forum members 'tpr' has made a nsi launcher to make this excellent program portable and it works flawlessly.

You can customise gestures for individual progams to perform certain functions, have global functions for all programs or both. I've set it up with portable firefox and thunderbird to complete basically all the essential fuctions, and now i feel naked without it. I now use it all the time with Corel and Photoshop and its the most effective program to improve efficeny i've used.

It even has the ability to work with relative paths to lauch different programs, however i've yet to be able to get this to work.

Anyway, give it a try you'll love it Smile