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Mozilla Firefox for U3 Synchro

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Mozilla Firefox for U3 Synchro

I just got a U3 Cruzer 2GB Flash Drive. I downloaded Mozilla Firefox for U3. I already have and use Firefox on my PC.
Is there a way to Synchronize my Local(PC)Firefox [including bookmarks, prefs, and extensions,] with my new Firefox for U3? and vice versa.
I know the website says to transfer the appropriate files but I can't find all of the right files. At least not where they should be.

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I'm in the same boat; just

I'm in the same boat; just got new Cruzer and set up CruzerSync to capture Favorites from my local. However, they don't work in my U3 version of FF. "Help" notes on CS indicate this should be automatic if you are running in Secure Browsing mode. I also set up CS to make FF the default browser, but that didn't work either.

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CruzerSync Is For Local Browsers

I'm quite sure that CruzerSync is for syncing stuff from one PC to another. I don't have a copy, so I can't tell you for sure. Either way, it isn't a supported app in terms of using it with Firefox for U3.

A sync option will be built into an upcoming release of the PortableApps Menu and PortableApps Suite, but there will be no corresponding tool released for U3.

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Just go to \application

Just go to \application data\mozilla\firefox\ and copy eveything form there to the profile.

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google browser sync It's

google browser sync

It's great!

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