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Firefox with Progress-Bar while loading?

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Firefox with Progress-Bar while loading?

Dear Friends,

I use the Portable Firefox for little Web-Presentations on CD-Rom and I am very happy with it.

There is only a thing which is not so nice:
Because firefox starts from cd it copies itself into a temporary directory.
This process can take a really long time (over a minute or even more).

Because of that I created a little splash-screen with AutoIt which is shown when the FF is starting and disappears after the browser-window appears.

Well, now I want to show a little progressbar for the user - the loading process of the ff.
Maybe this is not implemented in ff. Then I could still create an own copy-routine with progress bar. - Where can I get such a thing?

On the other hand:
Why does ff needs to be copied on harddrive?
When I deactive "runLocal" FF shows only a security-warning but is still running fine.

Without "runLocal" it starts within a few short seconds.
This would be the optimum.

Well - is there a way to supress this disturbing and distracting error-message of the FF when running without "runLocal" on write-protected storage-device?
It would be really fine - a progressbar isnt need then anymore.

Thank you really for your help!


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That would have to be done

That would have to be done internally. An extension, maybe?
I wouldn't try looking for one, though. There hasn't really ever been a need for such a thing.


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Not possible

Both NSIS and extensions can't do it. The Splash extension does a fake loading bar though, might still be useful.
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