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How select platform (32 or 64 bit) for a PortableApp that uses separate installers?

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How select platform (32 or 64 bit) for a PortableApp that uses separate installers?

I just installed PortableApps on W764. Looks like I'm going to start going Portable as much as I can going forward.

I selected several apps that I've previously installed using windows installers such as ditto.

Ditto has a 32 bit and 64 bit installers; PortableApps installed the 32 bit version. Same with 7-zip...

Is there someplace to override this, or will I just need to manually install programs like ditto 64bit when this happens... and then manage updates in the future instead of having PortableApps do that?


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Automatic When There Is A Reason

We package the 32-bit version of all apps so that they work on every machine you use. For some apps, when there is a distinct reason or advantage, we also package the 64-bit version along with it. The launcher then automatically detects what type of Windows you're running and selects the appropriate version.

With most apps, there is no advantage to using the 64-bit version. Some apps will get a large enough performance boost that affects the way you use the app most of the time and the increase in size is worth it. 7-Zip is a good example and it includes the 64-bit version inside. Some apps require the 64-bit version to work on 64-bit Windows. Apps like Peerblock and JkDefrag would be examples of that.

A full explanation is available here:

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