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A nice idea for (almost) portable games

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A nice idea for (almost) portable games

Hello everybody,

today I stumbled upon a site/software that I think can interest Portable App users who like games.

The software is Metaboli and, in short, is an "engine" that integrates in a browser (Internet Explorer supported and Firefox before 1.5) and allow to download an "image" of a videogame. The service cost 9 € or 19 € for month, depending on how recent the game you download is. In this period you can download and play any number of games on any number of machine (you cannot however play the same game on more than one machine at once). The game image is updated with all the latest patch. Saved games are separated from the game image, so you can take them with you.

As you can see is almost portable: the game image doesn't affect the host operating system (no instalation occurs), you can take on your USB key saved games... The only not-portable part is the engine itself I suppose

For english speaking people the link is, but there is also a French site (, an Italian site (, a German ( site, I'll let you discover the others Wink