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Platform App List

I am completely new to Portable Apps and to the Platform so this might me a dumb question. I have just started looking at the Platform and noticed that some of my (as yet, few) portable apps are not listed, for example Firefox and Glary Utilities. Is this because the Platform only lists apps downloaded from PortableApps, com or for some other reason?

And a second question if I may: I want to replace some programs on my Tablet's HDD with portable apps downloaded to a 14GB memory card (to save HDD storage space). But when I come to uninstall these Desktop apps (using Revo Uninstaller) I find that it uninstalls the app on the memory card as wel,l which is not at all what I want to happen! How can I uninstall the one without affecting the other? In the uninstall utilities I have looked at there appears to be no option to select the drive I want to remove the app / program from.


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Not sure exactly what your

Not sure exactly what your first q is about but PA will look for progs one level below its home dir (usually called PortableApps) regardless of where they came from (I have a number of non-PA apps in my dir). You can refresh the list by right click refresh on any app on the PA menu.

So, have you installed FF and GU somewhere that PA isn't going to see them?

Uninstalling PA apps is simplicity itself, you just delete the dir containing the portable app from under the PortableApps directory.

My advice for now is to install PA apps using PA (Win won't know about them), transfer settings from conventionally installed progs to PA ones, test that the PA one works as expected (don't run Win installed and PA at the same time as a rule, etc) then use the Win uninstaller to get rid of the it knows about rather than a "hunt and kill all files" type uninstaller.


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