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Xnview portable - if not deleting to recycle bin

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Mister Seven
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Xnview portable - if not deleting to recycle bin

Hi there people. I downloaded an up to date copy of Xnview (portable) today.
An image viewer program. I put it on a flash drive. One of the settings I chose for it
was "do not delete to recycle bin" Of course now I am wondering where a deleted
xnview file will be placed (somewhere on flash drive). Maybe it just becomes free space?
If I could find the xnview setting I'm using, maybe I could specify a particular folder.

I may need a triple pass cleaner like the one in CCleaner and I might
need to change the xnview "delete to setting" back to "recycle bin".

I was reading ...a few days ago about how the recycle bin can work
with the CCleaner app to make triple pass deleting possible.
First you make a setting in CCleaner that allows the two apps to work together.
Then you just right click on the recycle bin and up comes this option
to delete things for real...and using however many passes are needed.

Any suggestions, methods, or ideas?

Thanks....Mister Seven

John T. Haller
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If you select Xnview to not delete to recycle bin, it just deletes the file.

If you're using a flash drive or an SSD drive, the number of passes won't matter as flash drives use wear leveling. So each time you're writing, you're writing to a different location than where the file was and it could... in theory... be recovered. Writing over a file to securely delete it is designed to be used on hard drives. On flash and SSD drives, you can use the secure delete function with a single pass to achieve some level of ensuring it's deleted or you can wipe all free space to ensure everything is deleted. Doing this regularly will significantly reduce the lifespan of your drive, though.

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