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Mobility Email vs. Thunderbird Portable + GPG (Opinions)?

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Mobility Email vs. Thunderbird Portable + GPG (Opinions)?

For those of you who are not familiar with 'Mobility Email'

"...The Mobility Email client is largely based on the same Mozilla source code used to make Mozilla Thunderbird".

"...The Mobility Email client uses a version of Enigmail OpenPGP as its OpenPGP encryption front-end, and GnuPG as its encryption backend".

At a glance, (from a security/privacy point of view) Mobility Email appears to be superior, since it includes;

'Profile locking': the client is able to automatically lock and unlock user profiles using AES256 encryption.

As well as support for Tor, possibly via Privoxy? I am not too sure about this, since I have only browsed the folders.