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PA Backup

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PA Backup

Not sure if this is the right forum but it seems to be part of the PAM now so I will post it here.

I just updated my PAM to the newest release. I had trouble because I could not follow directions at first though.

My Drive only had the following files/folders in the root:

  • PAM launcher
  • Documents(PAM Style)
  • Autorun.ini
  • usb.ico

Here's what I did.

I used the PAM and PAB to Backup:

  • Apps
  • Documents
  • Entire Drive

I'll skip the part where I screwed up because the next part should have taken care of that. I then deleted all of my files on the drive.


  • Installed PAM 1.0 Base Edition
  • Extracted the PAM Update
  • Ran PAB to restore Entire Drive (used entire drive b/c I use more than just PA like Roboform
  • PAB did not completely restore folders like Roboform,Signupshield and Truecrypt, but did restore some others like Cybershredder. These folders worked in the previous edition.

I have since recovered most of my data, but any idea what I did wrong?

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Was there a

PortableApps directory at the start there?
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I have been using PAM since John released the 1.0.

I had added my own apps by placing folders containing the apps and their data in the PortableApps folder. It worked great, except for the picking up the other exes in the folder you might not want.

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