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Jack Hew
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Portable some application that can keep our private profile data, example:name,address,health report,password, or maybe phonebook addressbook.
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Ryan McCue
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Kill. Me.
John, how long until you get the editing set-up?
Ryan McCue
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I'm using

I'm using NeoMem, it gets along fine on a stick and can encrypt its files. Great organizer for a lot of varied data.

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Essential PIM

Try Essential PIM Free (not Open sourced). There is a regular install version, a portable version and a U3 version. Database is encrypted with AES 128 bit for the free version. Program is 1.2 Mb (UPX compressed) on HD and comes with multiple languages (delete the files you don't need). Go to Downloads and get the EssentialPIM Free Portable (non U3) zip file.

EssentialPIM Free is the award-winning, absolutely free personal information manager. Supported by a large community of users, EPIM has been widely acknowledged as the best personal information management system on any desktop or USB flash. It is not bloatware and has no spyware or adware.

Security. All data can be password-protected and the database file is kept encrypted with multiple encryption algorithms, starting from the advanced industry standard AES (Rijndael), 128 bit key and up to Blowfish 448 bit key

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Try the address book in thunderbird

It may seem as overkill (because you need the entire thunderbird package, but the address book in Mozilla Thunderbird is good. John has also posted a stub launcher, which you can use to open just the address book.

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