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Irfanview: possible image viewer app for USB in existance

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Irfanview: possible image viewer app for USB in existance

I have been using Irfanview (see
for many years. I have used it on my USB stick without
a problem. None of the needed files have to be on the
hard drive. It is a small app with powerful viewer
abilities and with its ability to modify and convert
images, it is "ready to go!"
I suggest that seek it out!

Ric Hunter (not verified)
XNView more like ACDSee

for most purposes you will better have a ACDSee like viewer. XNView
( is a better choice. Copy just the files after installation on your usbdrive an it will work.

paradoxical (not verified)
Why better?

Without specifics, I don't know why ACDSee would be better. Irfanview, which I've used for many years, is indeed very portable. Just install to USB folder of choice, link to Pstart. It writes nothing to the registry. Ever. Period. It is blazingly fast, is a media viewer, a thumbnail program, a batch processor, a full featured image viewer, and most wonderful, FREE. Irfan just keeps adding features and has never charged for his handiwork. When I unpack my digital photos, I go through them (right arrow)to see which need some manipulation. If one does, I enter the manipulation program with Shift+G, change hue, contrast, etc, Save As, and it keeps all the EXIF data when I rotate a picture!

I can't imagine PC life w/o it.


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Irfanview converts a ridiculous number of file formats and has plugin capability. With a 3.5Meg footprint, it's a superior USB drive solution.

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Give XnView a try.

I like Irfanview & use to use it all the time until I was
turned on to XnView. It’s much like Irfanview supporting
over 400 graphic formats & has a full blown editor.
But the tab feature is what got me, it saves me a tun of
time when I’m going threw pictures. Plus I think it may
be a little quicker then Irfanview & is also portable & free.

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XNView and Irfanview both good choices

I used XNView then went to Irfanview but they are both quite capable and generally a user-interface preference as to which one to choose.
And, of course, don't forget the need of plugins, and the size impact they will have (not too bad).

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there's FastStone

there's FastStone ImageViewer
when you install it, start it and look in menu for option creating portable version. It will create special portable version in selected directory ... very good image viewer

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