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Various Portable Apps Themes for download

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Various Portable Apps Themes for download

Here are a few different colour variations of the original. I hope John does not mind modifying his theme. Please delete if it's not allowed.

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Good Job

Day, I like the colors.

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Its nice work!

Especially the John T. Haller Copyright in the readme. Wink

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Frank D. Hubeny
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Like them

Hello Day

I like them they all look good. I all so like the read me file.

I have a question for you. Have you found a way to increase the size? I ask that because I have bad eyes and would love to see both the size increased and the ability to use a bolder font. Since the menue disappears when a program starts it would not bother me atr all if the size of the menue increases.

Frank D. Hubeny

Frank D. Hubeny
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Down load area for themes

Hello Group;

Has any one given any thought to a separate download spot for the themes?

I hope this could be something that could be done. It would make it easier then scrolling through the forums for new themes.

Frank D. Hubeny

Ryan McCue
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I could make a list and sticky it...
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C'mon, yanno we wana see it before we download it.
post a screenshot of them in a gallery or something or have a hyperlink point the way there. Shock

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Yeah; what HE (Gargy) said!!!...

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They are...

I'm not sure what site to use to upload the screenshots of the themes, but I thought a description is better than nothing. I just downloaded and tried them all out, they're simple colours which are:

Bright Green
Dark Blue

They're all pretty good themes, on most of them, the transition of colours (black to colour) is pretty smooth and clean. A couple seemed like the transition was a bit more "blocky" (changed from black to colour in small colour groupings of colour). The only one that was pretty different was the pink, the portable apps arrow on the bottom right which is normally in a light black, was shaded pink unlike the rest of the themes, and so it wasn't the nicest. As well, on all of the themes, just before at the top of the logo, the colour stops, and it is blank white. I hope this helps some of you understand the themes a little more.

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