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Printing email messages

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Printing email messages

Whenever I send an email message to print from Thunderbird Portable it always prints FULL headers -- nearly a whole page of stuff I am not interested in.

This is a portable issue! I have been using Thunderbird non-portable for a couple of years and I have never run into this problem.

1. The email message is displayed WITHOUT headers.

2. I ask it to print the message. The screen display remains WITHOUT headers, but the message prints WITH all headers.

3. The message is also displayed on Print Preview WITH all headers.

This does not happen with regular non-portable (fixed?) Thunderbird on the same PC using the same printer.

How can that behavior be changed?

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Not a portable issue.

You should check forums for help.

BTW - If you are showing all headers under your "View > Headers > All or Normal",
if so then it will probably print everything you see.

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