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Hello !!!
My name is X-Man and i have a very big problem with the Mozilla Portable Thunderbird, if anyone is interested in helping me please read on and i will be verry GRATEFUL to him if he wants to help me, this is my bloody problem :

I have downloaded the (Portable Apps Suite Standard v1.0) from this wonderful site, and it works v.good but when i saw the Thunderbird i loved it more.
I've installed the portable suite and started to use the thunderbird in an Internet Cafee, because i dont have an Internet conection in my home, the first time i started the thunderbird it told me to put in the settings to the connection, and this is how i've done it :
Here is a simple image without explixation ( )
Here is a hole explication of my bloody Problem ( )

My problem was like this :
When i push the GET MAIL link in thunderbird, i wait 1 min then a pop-up window appears telling me that the connection on ( has time out ???
I don't know what to do any more , because i've tried every bloody thing with the settings, i've red every article in how to put the settings, but its not working...
Please can anyone tell me where the problem is, please be notified that i'm from UAE, and i want badly to download my attachments and my 400 E-mails from my yahoo e-mail.
My best regards for all of you and for the wonderful people who made this wonderful portable program (Portable Apps Suite Standard v1.0)... Thanks... X-Man ...

Ryan McCue
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Check your connection settings

In Tools » Options » General » Connection Settings
Make sure it's all correct.
I looked at your videos, you have all the right settings (AFAIK).
Ryan McCue
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Use Webmail

From Thunderbird FAQ,

Q: How can I read my Hotmail or Yahoo email using Thunderbird?
A: If you pay for one of Yahoo's or Hotmail's premium email services, you can access your email in Thunderbird by setting up a new POP3 account. If you do not want to sign up for Yahoo's premium email services, you can access your email in Thunderbird by installing a extension or a proxy program that sits between Thunderbird and Yahoo, and which relays messages from Yahoo to your Thunderbird inbox.

I personally use the WebMail extension and it works great.

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Thank you mr.Ryan McCue i will try to use the yahoo extension as mentioned above, and i hope it works, thanks again...
Best regards..X-Man..

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