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you forgot a extem tiny thing (yust 2 folders, 0 file)

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you forgot a extem tiny thing (yust 2 folders, 0 file)


I like the "portable-Idea", atm i am making a gift for my girlfriend, usb-stick(1GB) with all she needs for the office. I played around with:
-Firefox 1.5
-Thunderbird 1.5

T think there shoud be a directory called "en-US" in the folder "samples" in the folder "share":


i got an error on by clicking on the "sample" buton in "calc" under the "New/Templates and Documents"-menu.

BTW, you wrote about the localisation... it will be done later, cant it be done, by yust copy& paste it from a naitive installation ?

btw, the Viewer "Irfanview" can be started without installation ;-), maybe 1 Application more for

Greets Philippt

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That's just OO.o

I didn't remove any files from OO.o's install, so they're missing from 2.0.1.

You can copy any language OO.o into Portable OO.o. It will just be bigger.

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