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Best Portable App?

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Best Portable App?

For me, it's Portable, even if the size is huge...

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without a doubt the best.
It is a small TOC-based AIM client. I like it because it is small, yet has lots of functionality.


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My fav is...

Portable Firefox

Ryan McCue
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I second that

I second that
R McCue

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Portable Firefox is good, no

Portable Firefox is good, no doubt about that, but I prefer to use PocketFlock as main browser, mostly because of Flock's integrated web services. Flock isn't for everyone, though, as it's more into the 'social browsing' scene than just regular browsing. =^^=

John T. Haller
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Tried Portable Firefox + Performancing?

It's a great combo that gives you much the same functionality without cutting you off from all the extensions available for Firefox (since Firefox extensions are incompatible with Flock)

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Ferrite (not verified)
As the person who released PocketFlock

The very latest version includes a direct link to an online extension converter so most Firefox extensions (including Performancing) can be ported and installed on-the-fly by dragging the Extension's installation link to the search bar.

The code that makes it portable is mostly yours although I am in the process of writing a new cross-platform codebase that will allow Linux and OSX versions of PocketFlock to be distributed using a single source.

I believe that our goals are very different though... Portable Firefox is very trimmed down, while I don't mind adding extensions (a proxy switcher, FireFTP, and a few others to enhance the portable experience) all of which were converted using my online software

The latest version of PocketFlock includes features not found in Flock , including support for importing and managing Firefox bookmarks (to make it easier to migrate to favorites)

As I know that I'm writing a very lengthy post here, I've also been a longtime user of Portable Firefox and still have it on my Usb key incase PocketFlock fails me... Thanks for making it all possible

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Mine is Pass2Go

I like Portable Firefox and Pass2Go combo. I also use Portable Thunderbird quite often.

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