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John, how come you don't use this instead of firefox.

If you could only make it a little faster.


John T. Haller
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Few reasons...

Few reasons...

1. The Tor network is not designed for everyday browsing. It's designed specifically for private browsing when you need it (say when trying to get around the great firewall of China). It's gonna be S.L.O.W. Very, very slow. This is partially due to the low number of hosts running the Tor server. Partially due to the Tor network being used for abuse. Tor has been used enough against sites like Wikipedia enough that they block it from edits. Tor has been used to abuse this site with increasing frequency. If it continues, I may have to block Tor nodes from all postings and account setups.

2. TorPark is a modification and repackaging of Mozilla Firefox (including Mozilla-produced binaries), but it doesn't have the permission of Mozilla for the changes made. Thus, it's actually on shaky legal/trademark ground. As you probably know, I've gone to great lengths to ensure that the apps hosted here respect Mozilla's trademarks and abide by Mozilla's policies.

3. Firefox is simply a much better browser on its own without Tor attached to it. It's faster. The connection is more reliable. Etc etc. Tor has its place and its use, but it's simply inappropriate and unnecessary for most people's browsing needs.

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