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Pidgin: Gaim 2.0.0beta 5 crashes on exit

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Pidgin: Gaim 2.0.0beta 5 crashes on exit

Anyone having a problem with Gaim Portable 2.0.0beta 5 crashing when you go to exit by either directly closing the app or by signing off your accounts, and then exiting?? This happening multiple times.

This just started happening to me yesterday. I haven't made any changes to my O/S (Windows XP Home SP2) or anything for that matter. I run it off my laptop and have been doing so since its inception. I've never had this problem with prior versions of Gaim Portable on my laptop either. I even ran my older version 1.5.0 to make sure it that runs fine.

Any feedback would be great. Sounds like a possible bug???


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Is it possible that you

Is it possible that you added any recent plugins to Gaim? I know for instance that Guifications will not run portably if you are not on the computer that it was originally installed on.

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i have this problem too

i have this problem too Sad
my gaim will not work with me.

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