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seamonkey portable v1.1 released

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seamonkey portable v1.1 released

Hi Everyone

Today (or was it yesterday?) the latest version (1.1) of the Mozilla Seamonkey suite was released.


I have created a version of seamonkey portable based on the latest v1.1, which uses a script to re-direct the profile into the local folder.

Now as some of you may know, Mozilla Suite by default writes certain files whilst loaded into the documents and settings folder. Once you exit seamonkey the script will finish off and remove any of the temporary files and folders that have been written to the local disk.

However all profile based stuff, i.e. bookmarks etc will be written to the local folder.

Here is the link: [Moderator RM: Removed link, read vamp1r's comment]

Your feedback is appreciated.



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Illegal. You need

Illegal. You need permission from Mozilla to redistribute their logos.

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