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Free Hex Editor "frhed"

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Free Hex Editor "frhed"

frhed is a basic free hex editor available at:

This is _not_ the malware with the same name.

Instead, it's free software released under the GPL and includes source. From the homepage:

    * Open Source! Distributed under GNU General Public License
    * Native 32 bit Windows application: long filenames supported, editable file size limited only by available system memory.
    * Small program size (ca. 100K), loads fast.
    * Cut, copy & paste binary values.
    * Syntax for describing byte, word, longword, float and double binary values in text form to use with find and paste functions.
    * Directly enter hexadecimal values or text in main window (overwrite or insert).
    * Compare files.
    * Find/Replace any combination of text and binary values.
    * Bit manipulation.
    * Export as hexdump to file or clipboard.
    * Automatically adjust bytes displayed per hexdump line to window width, or set bytes per line manually.
    * Choose font size, character set (ANSI or OEM), colors of text and background.
    * Intel or Motorola binary format.
    * Can be used as "Send to"-Target.
    * Set bookmarks to easily access offsets in the file.
    * Load files partially.
    * Drag and Drop.
    * Apply binary templates for structured information.
    * Hard disk sector read access.
    * Cryptography support.
    * C++ source code is included (written using Microsoft Visual C++ 4.0, does not use MFC).
    * No registration fee required.