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Cannot load OpenOffice on U3 key

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Cannot load OpenOffice on U3 key

Hello. I have been trying to load Open Office on my 1GB U3 key. I go on the site, download OpenOffice to my PC as OpenOffice_Portable 2.0.4 en-us.paf.exe, then try to execute it. As target, I give Drive F, i.e. my U3 key. Then I get a long list of error messages, such as "can not open output file F:\OpenOfficePortable\openoffice\help...

I am probably doing something very stupid !

Can someone help me ? Without an office system, this U3 key is rather useless

Thanks a lot.

John T. Haller
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Wrong Drive

U3 actually shows up as two drive letters. Usually next to each other... like F and G. You're probably accidentally picking the read-only fake CD partition. Pick the other one and it'll work for ya.

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