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Vista Beta Testing

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Vista Beta Testing

First, let me say I think you folks are doing an awesome job! I know Portable Apps and USB drives are going to be the next big thing, and the day of the bulky harddrive s will be gone like the floppy drive.

I have been beta testing MS Vista since its first release, and various bootable usb apps and operating systems.

I am interested in beta testing all Portable apps that you are all working on and can provide some great technical feedback to help get them ready for full production release quickly.

Please let me know how I can assist and send me any or all apps you would like confirmed on Vista.


thor erik
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Well if youre on the vista

Well if youre on the vista beta, i think you should get build 6k before you offer any thing Blum
Quite alot has changed since RTM til the full release to the firms(i got from those releases) and it won't be any change in betwen firm release and public Wink

also As long as the application works fine on vista, installed it works portable.
the only diff is that apps requiring Registry add/delete premission don't have to run as admin anymore :)(vista creates a temporary registry for it.)

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Vista was API locked since RC1, so programs should work the same on all versions from RC1 to RTM, except for Vista bug fixes and such.

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