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Skitzo FireFox

Hi Guys,

I was wondering if people could give me some feedback on an issue Im seeing with FireFox it is damn freaky. To give you some background I had FireFox installed on my work machine and at home. Then the IT department in work got their knickers in a twist about having FireFox installed on machines (the genius's actually suggested using IE-7 if we wanted tabbed browsing) so I had to remove it. This is when I switched to portable FireFox.

I removed FireFox from my machine in work and left it on my home machine but created a portable version for work (I had to dress it up like IE) but I installed a whack load of extensions on my portable FireFox (maybe 50+). The freaky thing is that sometimes these extensions show up and sometimes they dont depending on how its started. If I start it at home then they show up fine (yes Im definately starting it from the portable version not the installed version) but all the extensions disappear in work. Any ideas guys?


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This usually occurs when an extension hard-codes its paths (making it non-portable). Unfortunately, it can be tough to tell which extension it is. Try disabling and enabling specific ones at home and change the path that FirefoxPortable is in (rename the directory to FirefoxPortable2 and back). That's the equivalent of moving to work in terms of the app itself. There's a small possibility you have an extension storing data outside of the FirefoxPortable directory, but only a couple extensions do that and I haven't seen one that will cause extensions not to load.

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This happened to me...

however it happened when I upgraded FF. You may or may not have done that, but if you have, your better off upgrading a virgin copy of FF and then copying the upgraded version over your existing copy.

Otherwise what John said was correct too, its probably your extensions. Its just a process of elimination.

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