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Removing unwanted .exe files from the PortableAppsMenu

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Removing unwanted .exe files from the PortableAppsMenu

Hi all,

when I put an application into PortableApps directory, ALL .exe files will be listed in PortableAppsMenu, including e.g. update.exe or any "background running" .exe files.
I'd love to have the possibility to remove only that unwanted .exe files from the Menu (not the application itself). In other words, to select, which .exe files will be listed.
And also the possibility to rename the listed files would be nice.

I suggest this to consider while preparing the next versions of PortableAppsMenu.

Petr Simanek, who loves to use PortableAppsSuite

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This has been mentioned a

This has been mentioned a load of times, its coming in a future release.

If you fancy giving it a go yourself in the meantime you can download the source and modify it. Look for the line which hides PortableAppsMenu.exe and PortableAppsBackup.exe and just add the EXEs you want to hide.

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