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U3 Firefox 2

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U3 Firefox 2

Just Want to know if there is a u3 version of this

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You're posting in the wrong

You're posting in the wrong forum, there's a seperate forum for U3 apps.

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Not Yet

My guess is that when it comes out it will be the last version of Firefox Portable that is made for U3 by John, so you might want to get used to using the standard PA version of FFP. It works the same and is smaller. You just will not have a shortcut on the launchpad. I prefer 1.5.9 myself but when I have to switch to 2.x it will be the standard FFP and I will unload the U3 version.

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I would bet there will be no U3 FFP2. I would say that John is done with U3 unless something changes. Read his comments on the above referenced post.

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