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multiple firefox portable?

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multiple firefox portable?

I have three users on the same PC, and I would like to give each one Firefox Portable. Can one installation of Firefox Portable support 3 different users, each one with their own settings, cache, cookies? Note that multiple users could have FF portable open at the same time, since the PC is Windows XP with fast user switching enabled. Or should I instead install 3 different FF portables, one in each user's own home folder?
Also, is there a, possibly portable, package of recommended FF extensions for download here or elsewhere? I'm not familiar with FF but I know that it needs extensions... I use Opera and, only when I have to, IE. Thanks

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Use Regular or Multiple Installs

FFP is meant to be a single-user self-contained install of Firefox. Installing regular Firefox allows you to have profiles per user... that's what it's made to do. You could have multiple installs of FFP, one for each user, if you'd like (and sync them with a portable device, etc).

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