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Miranda IM Portable 0.6.3 Pre-Release 1 (Testers Needed)

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John T. Haller
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Miranda IM Portable 0.6.3 Pre-Release 1 (Testers Needed)

I've just posted a pre-release of Miranda IM Portable 0.6.3 for folks to test out. This new release:

- Updates Miranda to 0.6.3
- Adds Vista compatibility
- Packaged in PortableApps Format for easier integration with the Suite
- Improved support for Limited and Guest accounts
- Uses a new method to backup a local Miranda IM's registry settings - the launcher will rename the existing key and then rename it back, rather than saving it to disk. If there is a PC crash, simply running Miranda IM Portable again will restore the original key.

I'd like folks to ensure all works as expected... especially keeping an eye on the Miranda registry key at HKLM\Software\Miranda to ensure all goes as expected on your machine. As long as the testing goes as expected, new app releases will handle registry stuff in this fashion, allowing for more elegant recovery of registry keys in the event of a system crash while a portable app is running.

Download Miranda IM Portable 0.6.3 Pre-Release 1


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Thanks for this update John,

Thanks for this update John, i've been trialing the new version for over a week now, and seems perfect. There has been no registry key's left behind except for the MUIChache keys, which everyone is aware of.

I've even upgraded to the latest 0.6.5 and works well. Might be an idea for the people who don't know, to inform them that there is a automatic plugin updater, plugin. This is ideal to ensure that the plugins are compatible with the new version also. For those who are interested it can be found here updater.

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Error log

Hello, I received an error while using 0.6.3 Built Jan 19 2007..
I was running Miranda on the background while reading email using FireFox Ver
Where is the error log written to? so that I can send it to you?
Computer is running windows 2000...

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Packaging Good, Miranda not so much

The portable app packaging works fine for me, but the 0.6 series of Miranda has some problems for me related to how much history to load when showing a contact window (it keeps loading all of it, which for some contacts takes several minutes). Upgrading Miranda to an 0.7 test build fixed that for me, and still works with the packaging.

One thing I noticed with the 0.6 builds while I was running them was that Miranda would complain about being unable to find '', though it would load the profile and run just fine. It would only do this once when upgrading the app folder from 0.5.x to 0.6.x though. 0.7.x doesn't seem to do this, so it may have been a Miranda bug.

Didn't get a chance to test how it behaves under crash scenarios.

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