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Trelby and Krita - its an opensource screen writing app and painting app

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Trelby and Krita - its an opensource screen writing app and painting app

I have used trelby to write a few screen plays for various animation projects, it would be nice if i could add it to my portable apps so i can always have it on my usb stick. you can find it at i did at one point find a portable version but i can't seem to find it again. it was a generic portable version not a PortableApps version so didn't work with launcher menu.

i did a search before posting this request. seems i'm the only one that really wants a portable version. or at least the only one willing to take the time to create an account to ask for it.

another app that looks like it would have potential and would fit well in the portableapps library is Krita an opensource painting an image editing application much like gimp all juiced up. from what i understand they're looking into adding animation to their software, and have a kickstarter campaign to get the funding. you can find more about it at


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have you looked at Screenwright for LO ?

this looks like the home page


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yes it would be nice to see

yes it would be nice to see Trelby in PA format

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+1 for portable Trelby

It would be nice to have a portable version of Trelby. Please note that the developers themselves have no interest in making a portable version:!searchin/trelby/portable/trelby/lygS_b...!searchin/trelby/portable/trelby/nezs1S...

~ shnbwmn

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